Gift Catalogue

We offer a small selection of items to support our cause. Many of these items are hand-made in Thailand while some are made by our staff. All profits go towards our projects. Thank you in advance for your purchase.

Inspirational Note Cards

This is a set of 5 note cards featuring scenes of Thailand taken by our staff. Each card is 4″ x 6″ bi-fold and comes with an envelope. There is a small education-related quote from a famous thinker on the top inside page. Otherwise, they are blank. $10.00

Empowerment Bracelets

Hand made by the children at Piang luang School in Nan from donated materials. Each bracelet is unique, featuring a heart ring with either an English inspiration or the Thainitiative medallion. About 5″ long and 3/4″ wide, these are a grab-bag item. We can’t honor specific requests for colors or styles. All proceeds go to Piangluang School. $12.00 ea.