Ban Yot Doi School

December 2013 – The Thai people believe strongly in making merit. Some choose to go to temple, others give alms. At Ban Yot Doi School, the headmaster is an architect. With his education, he could quadruple his salary in Chiang Mai. But he was raised in these mountains. He knows the people and how difficult life can be here. He chose to make merit by taking the job of school Principle so he could help these hill-tribe children get a good start in life. It’s his way of giving back. 

When Thainitiative learned that this school needed help expanding their facilities due to increased enrollment we made a visit to see how we could help. The headmaster had already begun construction on a much-needed assembly hall but funding was running out and there was still much to be done.  

After meeting the headmaster and touring the village, we knew this was a cause worth supporting. Thainitiative donated the equivalent of $1,300 USD towards the completion of construction. This money enabled the school to finish the exterior wall, all electrical work and the tiling. A little money goes a long way in Thailand.

Here are photos of the finished hall. Thank you to all of our donors who contributed to this project.